I went by the DC org last November

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I went by the DC org last November

Post by leereyno » Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:49 am

I was in DC last November and accidentally stumbled upon the org there. The org itself in right next to Dupont Circle, which I've since learned is the geographic heart of the gay community in DC. I think this is entirely fitting given Hubbard's (and therefore Scientology's) almost visceral hatred of homosexuals. The building itself looked pretty good, at least from the outside, I didn't bother trying to enter since it would have been a waste of both my time and theirs. I tend to feel sorry for clams generally. Having been one I know that most of them are good people who have simply been duped. A sign outside said it had been remodeled in the mid 90's something I vaguely remember hearing about at the time. If only Scientology would work on remodeling itself the way they do some of their buildings. Actually on second thought scratch that, some buildings are so far gone that it is more economical to tear them down and build new ones. Much the same could be said of Scientology. Trying to salvage what little good exists in scientology just isn't worth the effort given how much nonsense and how many lies you would have to sift through. Trying to find a needle in a haystack is easy by comparison since you at least know there is a needle there to find. In the case of scientology the truths that it contains are either obvious to anyone anyway, or accidental.

While I was there I asked a couple of people I met on the street if they knew anything about the building and the group that owned it. One person laughed and said he knew, the other person had no idea, but then she was from Minnesota. She'd heard of scientology, but only vaguely. I gave her the scoop on it and what it was about, which I consider my good deed for that day.
Scientologists: Making homeless drug addicts look good since 1952!

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Post by barky » Thu Feb 24, 2005 5:34 am

I was inside the DC org shortly after their remodel and it did look pretty nice in there.

I knew some of the org staff there and they were a pretty good lot. But they used to be beat up on mercilessly by CLO EUS. EUS doesn't have an SH or AO so they used DC as their "most important org." That meant almost non-stop missions ...


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Post by red » Wed Jun 15, 2005 4:37 pm

I wonder whether this is where I could/should post the contents of a folder I found outside the building back in 1999, apparently someone's handouts (& a few handwritten notes) on "ESTABLISMENT: How To Build Your Org to the Size of Old Saint Hill.

Can anyone direct/advise me on this?

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Jun 15, 2005 5:33 pm

Don't re-print the entire pamphlet, since it's probably copyrighted. Write "Fair use" excerpts. That would be a few sentences per page copied verbatim from the pamphlet, and a summary of the package in your own words, as lengthy as you want.

You could start a new thread under "Opinions and Debate" or just discuss it here. I would be interested in the highlights and any revealing handwritten notes.

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Post by red » Wed Jun 15, 2005 5:47 pm

Thanks, Don.

Several years ago, outside the Church of Scientology mission in Washington, DC, I found a folderful of handouts apparently from a conference on "ESTABLISHMENT: How To Build Your Org to the Size of Old Saint Hill.

A lot of the language used eludes me, as I have very little first- or second-hand knowledge of Scientology.

Handwritten notes are dated 30 March 99 and seem to have been written by someone who was attempting to implement the listed policies/practices for expansion to the mission in Brunswick, Maine.

You raise a fair point (and thank you for having raised it,) when you state that the material is probably copyrighted. Small print at the bottom of the title page reads "Unpublished work (copyright symbol) 1998 CSI. All Rights Reserved.

There are references throughout the 20-page prepared materials to references that mean little to me (because I don't understand them,) but all begin with the prefix "HCL PL," followed by a date. Titles of these include "HCO MAKES THE ORG," and "PERSONNEL TRANSFERS CAN DESTROY AN ORG."

I'd be willing to summarize, but will emphasize that my ability to summarize effectively is hindered by my limited knowledge of CoS jargon. I trust those more knowledgeable and experienced than myself to clarify anything I might summarize clumsily.

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Post by red » Wed Jun 15, 2005 6:01 pm

There are 6 Primary Targets listed on page 2 of the document, some seemingly citing (by initials) the job titles or job descriptions of people who should be involved in the initial stages of the efforts to make the org viable, successful, and to ensure its expansion.

There is a list of 9 references that should be studied, all beginning with the prefix "HCO PL."

There is a handwritten circle around item #4, "Study and star-rate this program."

Page 3
The top of page 3 bears the heading "Vital Targets." There are a total of 9 vital targets listed.

At the end of each numbered target is a line -- perhaps a signature line -- and various initials which seem to identify the job title of the person who should be signing off to indicate satisfactory completion of the listed item. If I am correct, many of the items require the signature of the "HAS."

Vital Target item 1 directs that the HAS must personally perform the targets while simultaneously training, preparing & hiring people who can assume responsibility for various HCO duties.

Item 3, the shortest item on the page reads "Apply LRH debug tech at once to handle any bugged targets."

Item 4 conveys the importance of holding "org musters" at a specific and consistent time of day.

Item 5 states that HCO employees are to be "grooved" into their posts and are to perform the duties (specific wording "targets") associated with their "hat." Even after the HCO (?) has reported that it is in compliance with a specific target, it is emphasized, the employees are to continue performing (as a matter of routine) the duties that fall under their individual "hats."

Item 6: Communicate with the SSO about employee training to make certain that employees are "TIPed" and that they complete job-specific "hatting" and training.

Item 7: During the course of this program, it's advised that "working installations" not be "unmocked," and that any switching of job responsibilities should be authorized before being put into effect.

Item 8: Emphasizes that only "HCO qualified" people should be involved in the HCO. There are several mentions of "qualified" and "unqualified, and there is iteration and reiteration of the notion that orgs with unqualified employees don't get established.

Item 9: Deals with printed recruitment material, stating that it must be in compliance with HCO Policy Letters. Original materials can be made, but they must conform to specifications.

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Post by red » Wed Jun 15, 2005 7:35 pm

Page 4
The heading at the top of page 4 reads "OPERATING TARGETS:"

These operating targets are continue to the final page of the 20-page document. The operating targets are numbered 1 through 125.

1. Suggests that attractive signs should be put in student and public areas. These signs should "look very posh." The content of the signs is suggested, and it's pretty much in line with what one would expect to see on any such sign: That applications are being accepted for people who have knowledge in speficied areas.

There is mention that the applications should come from "upstat persons."

Item 2: Signs should be hung in 9 specified places including business schools, employment agencies & Scientology and Dianetics groups.

Item 3: Pamphlets should be prepared, and these pamphlets should "communicate the privilege of working for an org to do something about the world." (NOTE: I found this rather vague.)

Item 4: Pamphlets should be distributed to 10 speficied people or areas, including some of the ones cited in Item 3.

There are several handwritten notes here. Alongside sub-item j, "Dianetics and Scientology groups," the note "Brunswick Maine" is written.

(NOTE: I'd be willing to get more specific about this stuff, if anyone has questions, but I'm trying to summarize & avoid plagiarizing from this copyrighted document. If you have questions, I'll do my best to respond.)

(Page 5)
Item 5: Deals with recruitment mailing and emphasizes that such mail should not be sent in conjunction with Scientology-/Dianetics-related mail.

This mail should be sent to 10 specified groups/places, and -- again -- several of these are the same places mentioned in Items 4 and 5.

There are handwritten circles around sub-items lettered g. "Field Auditors," h. "Typing and business schools," i. "Employment agencies," and j. "Dianetics and Scientology groups."

Item 6 is specified as being conditional: A PPO should bear responsibility for fielding replies to the mailings and for registering applicants. If there's no PPO, "you" -- the reader of this document should act in the capacity of a PPO until someone who can fill that position is found.

Item 7: The PPO should follow a specified program.

Item 8: Notify employees of the schedule by making copies of the schedule for each employee, distributing these copies, and ensuring that all employees read the schedule. Daytime employees should study at night. During the daytime, Foundation employees should study. This way "public lines" are never abandoned. It is emphasized that the employees should understand the importance of adhering to the specified schedule.

Item 9 is, like Item 6, noted as being "Conditional." It specifies that in the event that the new schedule differs from existing "public service hours," the new hours should be printed and posted.

Item 10: Employees should be listed on a "muster roll call sheet."

Item 11: The "org muster" should happen at the appointed time and should include all employees.

Item 12: Attendance should be taken.

Item 13: When the "muster" has been completed, "give the staff a crisp 'Start!'"

Item 14: (has a handwritten circle). Employees should quickly "and with good 8-C" be directed toward producing. "-- no coffee stops and chitchat."

Item 15: Deals with employees who weren't at the muster.

Item 16: Employees who weren't at the muster should be sent to their posts pronto.

Item 17: Documents are to be filled out for every employee who wasn't at the muster or was tardy for it.

Item 18: (Handwritten notation "Next week") Ensure that everyone is on task by checking that every employee is doing something that meshes with his or her job title. Examples are cited.

If employees are found to be doing tasks unrelated to their job titles, "grab them and tell them right then and there to get onto post and produce."

Documents are to be filled out for everyone who isn't performing his or her assigned duties.

And any employees found to be "idle" should be reported to that person's immediate supervisor, who should be ordered to "get his staff producing NOW."

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Post by tammy » Thu Jun 16, 2005 8:27 am

Red, thank you for posting this. Sounds like just the way it was.

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Post by red » Thu Jun 16, 2005 3:35 pm

Ladybird, you're more than welcome.
It's been about six years since I found this information and I haven't known what to do about it. I recently discovered Operation Clambake and (on Don Carlo's advice, decided to put it here.

I decided that the moderated "Opinions & Debate" might be a better place for it, so I posted it there as well.

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Post by red » Thu Jun 16, 2005 4:26 pm

(Page 7)
Item 19: About the "org board."
It should be wholly in compliance with specified regs. If it's not presently in compliance, this should be corrected.

It should be formica, but if you don't have a formica board, order one and put up a paper one in the meantime.

Match the names of current employees with tasks. It may be necessary to give the employees multiple tasks.

Try to distribute the tasks evenly.

Item 20: (Handwritten margin notation "Next week.") Distribute a list that reflects names of all employees & their tasks.

Item 21: (Also has handwritten margin notation "Next week.") "Instant hat" employees for their newly assigned tasks by following a detailed and specific procedure.

Point out to the employee where his or her name appears on the "org board." Assign a physical space in which the employee will work. Give necessary supplies relevant to the task to each employee. Explain the job title and the tasks associated with it. Give each employee 3 "baskets" in the communications center, marked "OUT," "PENDING" and "IN." Communicate to each employee what he or she is expected to produce. Communicate a statistic that will be used in measuring productivity. Communicate to the employee that he or she should immediately begin producing "that product in some volume."

(Page 8)
Item 22: Directs studying "Chinese School" material.

23. Directs that the employees should be "Chinese schooled" until everyone can do an in-unison chant of all items on the org board (which are listed here).
Item 24: Chinese schooling should include calling out the name of each employee on the board and having the rest of the people present chant in unison the name and position of each individual employee as he/she is introduced to the group.

Item 25: (Handwritten circle) The "Comm Center" should be set up next to the org board. Refer to specified documents for further detail. Every employee should be given a basket labeled with his or her name and title.

Item 26: (Handwritten circle) Everybody should "study and star-rate check out on writing despatches..."

Item 27: "Do 4 comm runs" daily with the goal of getting and maintaining speed of "particle flow in the org."

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Post by red » Thu Jun 16, 2005 4:27 pm

(Page 9)
Item 28: Delineates procedures for dealing with "staledated communications."
Oversee employees'"comm basket system."
"Chit" employees whose baskets contain staledated material.
Refer these employees to pertinent regulations regarding prompt handling of documents.
See that all staledated documents are immediately answered.
If the employee doesn't promptly answer the staledated documents for which he or she is responsible, this becomes a matter for "Ethics." (Pertinent regulations cited.)

Item 29: The communications center can show what sections of the org are impeding the rapid flow of communications. Note which baskets are overflowing. These are problem areas.

Item 30: Problem areas should be reported to Ethics.

Item 31: Employees with overflowing baskets should be told to improve the flow of paperwork through their areas.

Item 32: Everyone should become familiar with 51 points listed in a speficied document. These points are related to "dev-t."

Item 33: Employees will be Chinese schooled until they can recite in unison all 51 of these points.

Item 34: "Dev-t logs" are to be distributed among employees and supervisors, in accordance with specified regulations.

(Page 10)
Item 35: Employees should record in these logs the names of any other employees who are giving him or her "dev-t."

Item 36: Dev-t chits should be written by each employee for anyone cited in the aforementioned log.

Item 37: Analyze "hat packs" by looking at the org board. Make note of what "hat packs you have and what hat packs are missing." Note "mini hats" and "full hats."

Item 38: (Handwritten circle) Each hat pack should be logged out to employees "who are wearing those hats."

Item 39: HCO should physically distribute hat packs and should require that each employee sign paperwork indicating an understanding and agreement that he/she accepts responsibility for the hat.

Item 40: If any hat packs are missing, file a request for them,

Item 41: When the requested hat packs arrive, record the HCO should record in the hat pack log that they've arrived.

Item 42: Log out the newly arrived hat packs to the appropriate employees and have them sign off that they're accepting responsibility for the associated tasks.

Item 43: Meet with the "SSO in the Qualifications Division so each staff member is correctly programmed onto post and properly TIPed."

Item 44: Encourage all employees to study.
Assign study times.
Go to the study sessions during roll call and pay attention to attendance.
Find employees who miss their study sessions.

(Page 11)
(Item 44, cont'd)
"Send any staff member not going to study straight to the word clearer to handle the reason for him not going to study."

Item 45: Walk through the room and note what each employee is studying.

Item 46: If employees aren't hatted and are discovered to be studying something that is not related to their hats, they should be directed to read a speficic regulation that pertains to this situation.

Item 47: All employees should fill out the "mini hat checksheet" that corresponds to his/her responsibilities.

Item 48: Anybody who's not yet "fully hatted" should be studying his or her "full hat."

Item 49: Directs reading of specific regulations on hats.

Item 50: "Set up a clay table in your office for use in doing hat checks."

Item 51: Using the org board as a guide, move from the top down and ensure that each employee is familiar with his/her hat by calling everyone in, one at a time, with his or her hat. Silently read a few lines from the hat and ask the employee to quote what was read. If the employee is able to recite the material, he or she should be thanked. If the employee can't recite the requested material, the HCO should return the hat to the employee and calmly advise further study.

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Post by red » Thu Jun 16, 2005 4:28 pm

(Page 12)
Item 52: Three different folders should be distributed to all employees. These folders are color-coded, with the colors expected to be used for specificially designated purposes. The hat folder, for instance, is blue. (Regulation cited.)

Item 53: Each employee is to prepare an "A-1 Hat" specific to his or her designated task. (Regulation cited.)

Item 54: A copy of a specified regulation titled "DUTIES OF A STAFF MEMBER" is to be distributed to each employee, and it is expected that each employee will place this document in the front inside cover of the blue folder.

Item 55: The HAS should check to ensure that all employees comply with Item 54.

Item 56: The HAS should "Inspect (see with your own eyes)" that every employee is making use of all three folders given him/her.

Item 57: Should it be discovered that someone lacks a hat or has an incomplete hat, one of these actions should be taken: He or she should be fined (in accordance with a specified regulation). He or she should be chitted. He or she should be shown the regulations that apply (and the regulations are specified). The last two possibilities are "Cram him" and "Handle him with ethics."

Item 58: Eight roles are cited. These roles/jobs should be filled if they are not presently filled as Phase I continues.

(Page 13)
Item 59: Each new employee should be instant hatted on the tasks that are his or her responsibility.

Item 60: "To prevent body traffic in HCO, put up a sign at the entrance saying, 'NO NON-HCO PERSON MAY ENTER AN HCO AREA." (Regulation cited.)

Item 61: Have everyone read "the Establishment Picture Book, AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO AN ESTABLISHED, ETHICAL, SECURE AND PRODUCTIVE ORG," plus another document.

Item 62: (Handwritten circle.) The HAS should obtain and review a document about an Old Saint Hill-sized org.

Item 63: Compare the document mentioned in Item 63 with the tasks that haven't been delegated within your own org, noting which roles should be filled in order to be in compliance with the Old Saint Hill-size document.

Item 64: (Handwritten circle.) The movie, The Art of Communication should be watched.

Item 65: In the movie, there is an example that will demonstrate how your allocation board should be displayed in your HCO. All of the tasks that haven't been assigned should be listed.

Item 66: Review a specified document related to the above.

Item 67: New hires should be designated "HCO Expeditors. Each of these people who has prior org training or experience is designated an apprentice. (Corresponding regulation cited.) Those without prior org training or experience is given a "non-executive" task that doesn't call for any apprenticeship. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

(Page 14)
Item 68: "Issue posting orders on all personnel..." (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 69: HCO Expeditors should be placed into the roles for which they're being trained. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 70: All HCO Expeditors need to review the org board.

Item 71: All HCO Expeditors need to have the SSI and SSII courses.

Item 72: All org executives need to go through the mandated steps for "Acting posting." (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 73: When everyone has met qualifications, confirm all appointments by by sending relevant specified information on employees' assigned tasks to the Office of Senior C/S International and the Inspector General Network.

Item 74: All executives who are in "Acting status" should be "programmed in Qual for the required steps for Permanent posting". (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 75: When qualifications have been met, verify Permanent appointments through the Office of Senior C/S International and the Inspector General Network.

Item 76: "Get all staff posted in HCO so you complete the Saint Hill size complement for your HCO."

Item 77: Using the blue folders (mentioned in Item 52,) prepare Personnel files for all HCO employees. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

(Page 15)
Item 78: Prepare ethics files for each HCO employee. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 79: "Set up the org Val Doc files per Founding Church Policy Letter... (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 80: If there is no pre-existing one, establish an ORG INFORMATION CENTER displaying visuals reflecting information on "GDSes and departmental stats." (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 81: All employees should review a document called "TARGETING OF DIVISIONAL STATISTICS AND QUOTAS."

Item 82: At day's end, the HAS should circulate among the employees, seeing that each employee documents his or her own "daily graph." (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 83: In conjunction with Item 82, each employee prepares and documents his or her own "battle plan" for the following day. This should include a quota. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 84: Each week, these steps should be performed in the order specified:
a. Collect statistics culled by employees.
b. Send this information to Management.
c. Display this information on the "OIC."
d. Prepare a "Condition Order" which gives specific tasks to each employee. These orders are to be based on each employee's statistics. The Ad Council needs to confirm these orders.
e. The "Condition Orders" should be copied and disseminated to each employee.
f. Copies if the "Condition Orders" are to be included in employees' ethics files.
g. The HAS should ensure that each employee executes the steps laid out in the order.

Item 85: "Look at the OIC and note the areas which are downstat."

(Page 16)
Item 86: Complete "I and R" paperwork on anybody who doesn't complete statistics-related paperwork, whose statistics are low, or whose statistics seem to be slipping downward. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

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Post by red » Thu Jun 16, 2005 4:29 pm

Item 87: "Drill the org routing forms" in a specified order and following a specified procedure.

Collect all of the org's routing forms;

Convene the employees whose names appear on the routing form as that routing form is going to be drilled.

Step by step, drill the employees until it is clear that they are familiar with it. Nothing should be omitted and everything should be done correctly.

"Dummy run each routing form by sending people and particles on the routing form as a test and note what mistakes get made along the way."

When the "dummy runs" have been completed, deal with employees "who flub and get their hat misunderstoods handled."

Item 88: Get a book that will serve as the Reception log for the org.

Item 89: Record in the Reception log information on "public" entering and exiting. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 90: Based on the information recorded in the Reception log, "draw up an in-the-org list." (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 91: Send copies of the list (mentioned in Item 90) to "Ethics, all Division Heads and the Area Cashier at the end of the week."

Item 92: Install (if they are not presently installed) outgoing and incoming telephone lines. "(If possible, install a system that will play Scientology music when a call is on hold.)"

Item 93: The org's telephone number should be listed in the White Pages under "Dianetics" and "Scientology". It should appear in the Yellow Pages under "Counseling", "Religions", and "Churches".

(Page 17)
Item 94: Directions on telephone etiquette include answering incoming calls by saying "Hello, this is the Church of Scientology (org name), how may I help you?"
Call should be forwarded to the person with whom the caller requests to speak. If this person is not available, either take a message or forward the call to someone else who may be able to help the caller. The receptionist should not leave the reception area, but should have someone deliver the message to the person who was called.

Item 95: Deals with handling of postal mail.
a. (Handwritten arrow.) Arriving mail is to be divided into categories
- letters to the org
- packages to the org
- mail for students/pcs
- "legal-type mail"

b. (Handwritten arrow.) Count incoming mail and record the numbers in the mail log.
c. Send "legal-type mail to the DSA." The DSA will review the mail and will then send it on to the person to whom it is addressed. (Corresponding regulation cited.)
d. Students'/pcs' mail is distributed through Tech Services.
e. Mail addressed to the org should be opened. The date should be stamped on it.
f. (Handwritten arrow.) Payments should be recorded in the mail log.
g. (Handwritten arrow.) Except for payments, mail should go through the "Comm Center."
h. (Handwritten arrow.) Mail containing payment should go to the Cashier.
(Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 96: Mail being sent from the org should be stamped or franked prior to being taken to the post office. Weekly promotion from Divisions 2 and 6 is to be mailed.

Item 97: (Handwritten arrow.) Incoming faxes are to be placed in the center of the addressees' desk.

(Page 18)
Item 98: See that faxes are dealt with within 24 hours of having been received by using the "INCOMM Stale List Report."

Item 99: If any employee "staledates" a fax, he or she is to be crammed on a pertinent regulation. (The specific regulation is cited.)

Item 100: The org time machine should be set accurately. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

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Post by red » Thu Jun 16, 2005 4:31 pm

Item 101: Test org execs on specified regulations pertaining to the "Time Machine" and the "Order Board."

Item 102: "Get the org execs to send copies of their orders to the Time Machine."

Item 103: In the ethics file of the employee responsible for the lapse, place a copy of every order that "falls off the TM."

Item 104: Executives whose orders "fall off the TM" should be given copies of pertinent paperwork so that they can remedy their own noncompliance.

Item 105: Employees should write "Knowledge Reports" in addition to writing other employee-related reports. (Corresponding regulations cited.)

Item 106: Directs that the HAS read several ethics-related regulations

Item 107: Ethics-related reports are to be file by employee name.

Item 108: Any employee who has been given "5 chits and is downstat" should be called before a Court of Ethics. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

(Page 19)
Item 109: Develop Ethics files on pcs and students as reports come in, and file these reports in the people's files.

Item 110: "Look at the Ethics files and note which ones are fat" (corresponding regulation cited).

Item 111: People whose Ethics files are "fat" should be "investigated."

Item 112: "Downstat areas" should be "interrogated" as per (specific regulation cited).

Item 113: "Meter-trained Ethics Officer(s) should "star-rate check out and Method 4 word clear (regulation cited).

Item 114: "Get Ethics E-Meter Checks done" as directed under (specified regulation).

Item 115: "Get metered ethics interviews done on any staff or public undergoing ethics investigation. (Corresponding regulation cited.)

Item 116: If nobody in Department 3 can "sec check, train up a sec checker on full-time training on the Hubbard Senior Sec Checker Course."

Item 117: Remaining Ethics Officers should complete necessary training.

Item 118: "Locate any PTSes or SPs in the org" (as per specified regulation).

Item 119: Deal with the people mentioned in Item 118 (as per specified regulation).

(Page 20)
Item 120: Put out "a justice action on" employees, students or pcs where appropriate under (specified regulation). "Note: Approval is required through the International Justice Chief on all Committees of Evidence."

Item 121: Hold justice action.

Item 122: Enforce to completion all justice recommendations.

Item 123: Employees should complete "full hats" associated with their jobs.

Item 124: "Get all staff routed onto and completed on the OEC Vol 0 checksheet.

Item 125: Verify that all roles in all divisions of the "Saint Hill size complement" are filled "single-hattedly." Also verify that each employee is "fully hatted" and the org has "achieved Saint Hill size and is stably producing above the Make-Break point.

List of items ends with 125.

Under heading "Program Communication," it is noted that the HAS must send Compliance Reports to the org's "Flag Rep." A carbon copy goes to the org's LRH Comm.

Under the heading "Production Target," it says, "Your program completed in 4 months with QSH, FHS, AP/TP and SNA in Affluence.

The document ends with the words "ESTABLISHMENT EXECUTIVE INTERNATIONAL,"




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Notes stapled to the inside of the folder in which this document was found appear on paper that seems to have come from a fairly primitive print out (dot matrix-looking).

First page (of 3) bears title

Handwritten date reads "30 March 99."

A printed subheading reads "339R PROGRAM EXECUTION."

Handwritten notes under this subheading read
"OT 66 - Method 3
word clearing

Print reads:


The following Program targets on your Program have been done and compliance reports forwarded to management:

PROGRAM (Handwritten) "Establishment"
Primary Targets {Handwritten) PT 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
Vital Targets (Handwritten) 2, 9
Operating Targets (Handwritten) 1; 2bf, 3; 4A, c, d, e, f, 5A, d e, 6 7, 8A - C, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 22, 37, 43, 60, 64, 88

Printed: "This week you are to get a minimum of 4 (FIVE) targets done on your 339 Program, these are to be on your Battle Plan daily and for the week. (A handwritten circle appears to emphasize the numeral "5" and the word "FIVE."

Printed: By return despatch attach a copy of your weekly Battle Plan which shows the targets that you are completing this week.

Handwritten: Targets 1 -18 are to be fully done
You've got a good start but need to BP filling in all the remaining holes

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