Scino. pics...#3

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Scino. pics...#3

Post by proflex » Fri Apr 07, 2006 10:04 pm

These were from the last week of guys that are the usuals who follow and report well as the 60 somethin gardener lady whom i had a nice long chat with in front of the sp build. on how nice a job she had done on the flowers...out there for 8 hrs a day...the lady on the phone was either calling me in or calling loved ones to escape?...or just saying hello to friends...crowd pics.,notice the turquoise pants mentioned on another again,the heavy spanish guy is the one who guards that entrance every day at meal times so no one wanders off course,he takes pics of me every time i show the crossing on the corner i was parking my car with a window sighn that read "OT 1-8 FOR FREE AT XENU.NET"...I was there almost every day for a week and they freaked was directly in the line of view of the street crossers....hehehe Now they park vans there so the space isnt open...anyone know what the big red cases are that the messenger is carrying? Look for #4......

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