New Photos of SuperFraud Building!

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New Photos of SuperFraud Building!

Post by cofs_pawn » Wed Jul 20, 2005 5:54 pm

Just want to make sure nobody misses this...

Thank you Kathy for taking the trip to Clearwater and posting your awesome photos of the incomplete SuperFraud building on your Hey from the library in Clearwater thread!

Those photos deserve their own thread to make it loud and clear that no construction has happened in over 2 years despite the fact that the "Cornerstone Membership Expansion Project" continues to ask for new donations for the SP building even to this day.

Be sure to see this thread for more information about where the $uperPower funding is going:
The Valuable Final Product of $uperPower
(should be titled the Valueless Final Product).

As discussed in other threads, this is another major ongoing fraud perpetrated by the Cof$. The $uperPower building itself is quite impressive, but there is little doubt in my mind that 11 other major buildings around the world, including the New York and San Francisco orgs, have been restored or renovated with money people have donated to have the $uperPower building completed (New York just claimed last week to have gone St. Hill size by the way).

The $uperPower poster brochures which go out in the mail every month have proclaimed literally hundreds of new Cornerstone members ($35,000+ dontations) over the last two years.

Millions of dollars are being collected for one purpose and being spent elsewhere around the world, unbeknownst to its membership.

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