The end of the clam stall at woden markets?

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The end of the clam stall at woden markets?

Post by venusian_traindriver » Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:38 am

The CCHR and stress testing days at the Woden markets may be over... or severely restricted.

The Organisers of the market have distributed the stall holders rules and conditions ..and are enforcing them.

Some will definitley affect the co$

Emphasis is made on stall owners having things to sell. One church groups still attends, but sells things in accordance with the rules ... It has some advertising behind their stall, but it does NOT sell bibles or church/religious items.

This is because the rules now state : "Stall holders may not use the market to continue their normal weekday business".
Guess that includes stress tests and selling dianetics...

Also... there have been cases of stall holders not paying the $8.00 fee, pleading they are charitable, ... or haven't sold anything... so no money. I understand the co$ pulls this one a lot, trying to bluff the fee collector.

Now the rules state: "Stall holders are asked to have the fee aside for the collector as the fee is not dependent upon sales."

I can see the registrar right now redging the staff as they enter for money up front to pay the fee. Or maybe The Rev. Nick suddenly becomes charitable.. and pays it out of his own pocket ... :lol:

Also stall holders can be ejected or banned for offensive behavior. The rules state that stall holders cannot sell certain things.. or offensive material. This includes distribution of political or idealogical naterial... that is NOT selling... so contravenenes the rules.

Note also that the Woden markets are within easy distance of the major Hospital, and nurses, doctors and other medical staff passing through the markets have said they they find the CCHR distributed rubbish and other cos propaganda offensive, as it is promoting medically unsound/stupid/dangerous practices.
These nurses etc have studied for their qualifications, they dont like these paranmoid amateurs dabbling in their field of expertise.

Methinks co$ is going to keep a very low profile... for some time. If they do surface...whats the bet the Territory Government gets a complaint from the public?

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